How does the Easel Program work?

  • Create Connection with Charity

    Our easel program is designed to ease the job for everyone. The first thing we do is create a connection between Bids for Benefit and a charity or community-based group. This forms a relationship that can get everyone on the same page and move forward positively. Next, we arrange locations between our partners and our company’s vast network who have all agreed to display the artwork. We also use sports memorabilia for auctions. They are placed either on the easels or on the wall in these places, ready to be admired. We have used many different types of locations in the past, from hotels and sports arenas to restaurants and retailers.

  • Artwork/Memorabilia Displayed on Easel

    Once the details are worked out and the artwork or sports memorabilia is placed on display, we are ready for the sealed bid auctions to begin. Anyone passing by or strolling in to that location will see the art, and some will bid on it. Every two weeks, we rotate the artwork and place a new piece artwork so that more people get a chance to see new artwork and place their bids. Once the auction closes, the successful bidders will be contacted by one of our team members to make arrangements for payment & delivery, and to finalize the deal.

  • Sealed Bid Auction Begins

    After this process is completed, all participating parties are happy and content because everyone has done something to help a worthy cause.

  • Successful Bidder!

    The successful bidder is then contacted by a Bids for Benefit representative and arrangements are made for the payment and delivery of their successfully bid artwork or collectible set.

  • Money is Provided to the Cause

    The charitable organization receives a cheque for all the money the sealed bid program has raised. 100% over the starting bid amount is provided to the designated charity. This money is ‘undesignated’ and can be put towards the most urgent priorities of the cause to help support their mission and growth.

What does the hosting location need to do?

All our hosts need to do is dedicate 4 square feet of space or a wall to display the artwork.

What does the foundation or charity have to do?

All you have to do is give us a copy of your logo to display, and then sit back and let us handle the rest!

Are the autographs authentic?

Any sports memorabilia that is up for auction comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each autograph is an unconditional guarantee that the item is authentic.

Who maintains the artwork and changes the art?

One of our Bids for Benefit team members will take care of the entire process.

What if someone takes or damages the artwork?

Bids for Benefit takes full responsibility and liability of any damages or stolen items.

What is the cost to a location or foundation?

Absolutely nothing! Our sole purpose is to help raise money for those in need, allowing the charities to focus on what’s really important.