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In a world where the economy is constantly changing and technology is overpowering, it can be hard for some charities to be able to reach the audiences they need for fundraising. Older, traditional methods like door-to-door don’t work anymore, so we created something new and exciting to get more people involved in a fun way. Our sealed bid auction easel program provides the perfect solution to maximize the possibilities for everyone involved. For the charities, fundraising money is gained. Businesses who provide locations are given a huge boost to their positive reputation, and people of the community can feel good about bidding on something worthwhile.

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City of Kawartha Lakes Volunteer Firefighters Association
August 30, 2015

… I have had the privilege of working with Anthony from Bids for Benefit for 5 years. He has attended an annual event that our City hosts for an organization within our community. I organize the “Chief’s Gala” – both police and fire. Knowing that Anthony will be attending is the highlight for me and for most of our guests.

YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A LIVE AUCTION UNTIL ANTHONY DOES ONE! It is the most hysterical thing you have ever seen! He is both professional and humorous. His ability to get the guests involved in the live auction is amazing. He is truly talented!

His selection of merchandise and the quality of the merchandise is fantastic! My husband and I have pieces from the auctions in our home that we enjoy very much.

We have always received our payments from the auction within 2 weeks of the event, without an issue. He not only accepts the payments for his items that he brings but also for items that the event or individuals have at the function.

I wholeheartedly support Anthony and his company to participate in your event. …

Best of luck with your event and have a wonderful day!


The biggest advantage we provide to our partners is the comfort and security of knowing that there is no risk or cost to them. We place our easels, people participate, and everyone wins. We cover the costs and provide the materials as well as any services required.

We currently partner with these wonderful organizations: MADD Halton, United Way, Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation, and Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance.

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